Your Business Is At Risk

While you work hard to keep your business fully operational, it is likely that you’re not doing enough to safeguard sensitive data. Research has shown that hackers scan any, and all, devices connected to the internet every 2-6 minutes to discover vulnerabilities. If a vulnerability is exploited, your business data can be held hostage for ransom, or be sold on the dark web. This means each internet connected device is a potential source of vulnerability. Bites Security is an online service that helps to minimize vulnerabilities through a comprehensive system of assessment, mitigation, detection, and resolution. Bites Security also helps to ensure your business is in compliant with HIPAA, PCI and more.

Vulnerability Assessment

We provide a thorough assessment and scan your network, devices and applications to detect any potential vulnerabilities. Our assessment is performed remotely without a noticeable impact on your network’s performance.

HIPAA Compliant


Businesses in the medical or financial industry are required to safeguard sensitive information. Bites Security provides a solution for preventing cyber attacks and sensitive PHI data breaches that can be devastating to your business.

Malware Detection

Our process is designed to detect both malware and potentially unwanted or unmanaged applications on your devices. We also provide an audit of your current anti-virus and malware systems for optimal configuration and security.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

The Bites Security solutions provide ongoing assessment of your systems and devices, at an interval that you choose. This “always on” protection proactively detects malicious activity or potential vulnerabilities.

Instant Notifications

When we detect a potential vulnerability, suspicious activity or attack on your system, you are notified immediately so that action can be taken to close the gap or limit the damage and liability exposure.


We monitor vendors that provide the technology you rely upon for updates, patches, fixes and other notifications. Once an update is released, we take the necessary steps to remediate the vulnerability.

Advanced Technology

We help you to stay ahead of cyber criminals by making sure the services we provide are always best-in-class and on the forefront of technological innovation.

Get Protected

With today’s surge in malicious cyber attacks, chances are your business has already been hacked without your knowledge. Give yourself, and your customers, peace of mind with a comprehensive security solution that meets industry standards. Contact us now to learn more about how Bites Security can provide your business with superior protection.